holy shit…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I was going to post a review of Lamb Of Gods “Wrath”, but I figured you all would have guessed I gave it 5/5 (insert witty replacement for stars here).

Oh, I know! Quick-but-super-fucking-late review of mastodons “Crack the Skye”.

Kicked ass. Totally epic, super riff heavy, great vocals, “Oblivion” is almost too perfect of a song. 5/5 cracked skyes.

Anyway, is anyone else going to see Judas Priest w/ Whitesnake on Tuesday in Boston? Because I am. British Steel anniversary tour. Going to kick serious ass.

I’ll eventually think of a good post, ┬ápromise.

~ by darkorchestra on July 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “holy shit…”

  1. Yes I believe you would give Wrath 5 out of 5. And as for Crack the Skye, it is my second favorite album by them. Heck of alot better than Blood Mountain. If you get the bonus CD with the instrumental versions of the songs, its amazing how you can get lost in the music.

    Not going to see the Brits in Boston unfortunately. Darky O do you have that band still? Where do you guys rehearse?

  2. Crack The Skye is easily my favorite Mastodon CD, followed really fucking close by Leviathan and then Blood Mountain.

    Too bad, Judas Priest was insane. And Whitesnake wasn’t even that shitty (they played a pretty cool guitar solo and a sweet drum solo).

    I do still have the band, though it’s in the same state as it was when I announced it (We still need drums/vox, and I’m still not sick at guitar. Bass player is pretty fuckin’ good though). We practice at my house for now. Because of weird schedules, we haven’t gotten much practice in. We have written one actual song though (it’s called “Orgy of Aggression”, an instrumental metal song with porn funk interludes…it’s pretty cool).
    Our first practice consisted of me learning a handful of tool songs (and “Killing In The Name Of”) and practicing our timing together. We got that down pretty quick.

    If you look up the myspace, there are songs, but they’re all total jokes (one was written as the theme song for a video me and friends made, the other is a song for a friends future wedding, because he wants to have a “first pit” instead of first dance…that song is pretty cool though, I’m actually happy with it. The vox are the real joke in both songs).

    I’m going to stop now. This comment is longer than the initial post.

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