And now that I’ve done a REAL post…

…shameless self-promotion time!

Alright, so I’m still trying to start a band. Last time I said that, we were called Papertowel Tribesmen, and we were up 2 guitar players and a bass player. But PTT died, the bass players schedule got fucked up, and the other guitar player doesn’t play any more. So me and my cousin are trying for something. We don’t have an official name yet. So, basically same shit, just down a name and a bass player. Awesome.

Regardless, me and my cousin PJ jammed. Specifically, we jammed to a preset breakdown drum beat on his effects pedal. This was the result, and we think it’s pretty cool. The solos are 100% improvised.

I’m the one closest to the camera, for the record. It was shot on a fucking Handycam, so the audio isn’t top of the line, but you can hear everything for the most part. Criticism of the constructive nature is not only welcomed, but in fact the reason I’m putting this here.


~ by darkorchestra on November 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “And now that I’ve done a REAL post…”

  1. yea

  2. No better past time than jamming. And it’s metal.
    Fuckin’ sick shirt dude, Black Label!.

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